Tech stack for your new startup

You’ve got a great idea for your startup, and a great team, but how do you get started with Azure to build this solution? So you go to the Azure portal or have a look at the list of the Azure services and there’s a lot of services there. Azure can solve all the world’s problems but you just want to get started so what to do? First thing I’d say is to keep it as simple as possible. … »

First post

Over the years I’ve had a number of blogs and published contents in different places - the most recent being at So why create a new blog now? Well hopefully this post will explain a bit more! The main reason was because I started a new role (CTO in residence at Microsoft for Startups), along with wanting to talk more about my autism, and I thought I’d better do a blog a bit more technical than just using something like Blogger or pre-packaged Wordpress. … »